How To Install Wall Decals in Just a Few Simple Steps. If you prefer videos, keep scrolling – You’ve got two.



How to apply Wall Border decals

[box]wall border decals are designed and manufactured to upscale your space in minutes. To allow user-friendly and comfortable installation the borders are delivered ready-to-use and cut to one meter (40″) section lengths with which you are welcome to self-express your creativity or to simply follow the suggested design shown on the box:

1. Use light pencil marks to create a straight line along the surface you are planning to design.

2. It is recommended to plan ahead by arranging the borders in different configurations to find which design suits your taste and compliments the room best.

3. Before you start make sure that the surface is clean, dry and smooth.

4. Slowly lift the border from its application paper and peel it backwards about 20 centimeters (8″).

5. Gently paste these 20 centimeters (8″) along the light pencil marks you have created.

6. If you are hanging a longer piece of border, enlist a friend to help hold the end of the paper. Otherwise, work in small pieces to ensure accuracy and ease of placement.[/box]

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