Fun & Creative Wall Decoration with Vinyl Stickers

What can be more than fun than redecorating a room? Decorating a room with CoolWallArt vinyl wall decals! They’re eco-friendly, and easy as pie to apply, no mess or clean up, no painting. If you’re like me than painting a mural and using expensive stencils is way too labor intensive!

wall sticker quote love

As a mother, housewife and craft making junkie, I so love the versatility with Cool Wall Art’s decals.  I love that I can put an actual design up or even something simple as a quote. Have you seen the vinyl decal that says “Do what you LOVE what you do.” Oh my Gosh it makes me wanna recreate my whole craft room, and post that up on my wall. I will definitely have to find a somewhere in my house to put that one!

CoolWallArt’s decals are easy to apply too. They are just like stickers; just you peel away and adhere to your wall. They are easy to apply and to remove; you can change out the decals with the season if you’re a little ADD with décor like me.

These decals are great for rooms like your dining room or lining room; especially if you have one that’s not super formal, but you want it to be cute and fashionable. Hey even if you’re a man, CoolWallArt’s even has awesome ones for bachelor pads! Have you seen the Men and Women Drinking Habits Decal? It’s hilarious, and a definite conversation piece.

Speaking of bachelor pads or any gender’s pad for that matter, The Luka Guidelines for Roommates Coexistence vinyl sticker is the ultimate roommate wall décor! I just wish these decal’s had been around when I had roommates, would have saved a lot of arguing and yelling.

While on the subject of postings for other household members to see… I am most definitely going to get Chalkboard Memo Decal! I mean how cool is that? You can post it to any room, and write everything from your grocery list, daily chores, to reminders of daily activities. You can even post it in a child’s room for them to doodle.

Within minutes you can transform any room to a wonderfully decorative space with hardly any effort. Their so much more affordable than redecorating a whole room; the decals make bold statements and bring a designer look to any space. CoolWallArt has a huge selection of wall stickers to choose from to meet anyone’s unique taste in décor. Jump on in and begin your DIY decor project today!

Happy Decorating!

One thought on “Fun & Creative Wall Decoration with Vinyl Stickers

  1. Dale says:

    I have got to get the roommate one in my apartment… or just reinforce stricter rules. Totally love the chalkboard memo one though, it’s great for those with smaller rooms but still want a whiteboard or blackboard to write memos down. I just have a question about it though, with blackboards you usually have to end up replacing the board because the chalk is hard to erase. How long does this chalkboard memo decal last for in general?

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