The Latest Trend in Home Décor: Door decals!

Door Decal under construction

A new home decorating trend has arrived in 2014 – Wall Decals on Doors or in there catchy title – Door Decals! With Door Decals you can be creative, and renovating your home in one of the easiest ways you can imagine. It never matters how well decorated a room is, solid surface doors are just plain boring. They are all about function, and rarely about form.

If you wanted to add a little bit of life to a door, what could you do that wouldn’t break the bank? Painting a door a new color can only do so much. Luckily, there is a way to make doors more artistic while on a budget! Vinyl door decals provide a cheap, easy, and creative decorating for your boring doors. Door decals are designed especially for door size but can be used on walls and other surfaces you wish.There is a lot of cool wall stickers that are available for this purpose. This enhances the room and makes it look prettier.

Check out these 7 Door Decals that we love ( And You Should, To ) :

Wall Decal save Wally

Having this sticker on the door of your room or in your office can create a funny scene. Wally, your buddy is falling and is hanging by your door. For support he has grabbed the top of the door while he looks a bit worried because of that springy thing at the bottom.

Door Decal Save Wally
Door Decal – Save wally from falling!

Welcome Door Decal

You can have this wall decal at the outer side of the door. Hey, hi, welcome and hello written in a cute and colorful way can refresh anyone who is entering in the room. You can apply it on the door of anyone’s room and can make it look different among all the doors in the house.

Welcome Door Decal
Wall Decal features the “Hey, Hi, Welcome Hello”

Door Decal Welcome to the Zoo

Every child loves to go to zoo and adores animals. This door decal featuring few animals and “welcome to zoo” written over it will help your child recognize animals in real life because we know that kids don’t like to learn from books. With the help of this sticker you can make your kid learn in a fun way.

Door Decal Welcome To The Zoo
Door decal with Animals layout and a “Welcome to the zoo” message

Door Decal Lace Welcome

A welcome sign on the outside of the door looks really pretty and shows a sign of good gesture as well. This door decal with a lace pattern can be used for girl’s room. It will surely add a touch of style to the simple door.

Door Decal Door Lace Welcome
Door decal features a welcome message and lace pattern

Door Decal Door Sign

This beautiful black door decal with a welcome message and unique design can be fixed on a door or any bedroom. It will be perfect for the main door of your house. This will surely leave a good impression on your guests.

Door Decal Door Sign
Door decal ‘Door sign’ that will add a decorative and cool look to your doors

Wall Decal Welcome Wally

The cute Wally is back with a new pose to decorate your kid’s bedroom wall. Wally holding a pencil and scribbling “welcome” on the wall in an attractive font looks simply amazing. Your kids and their friends will definitely love it.


Wall decal Welcome Wally
Wall decal Welcome Wally features Wally lettering a welcome greeting on your wall or door


Door Decal under Construction

This cool sticker with under construction symbol and message will be suitable for a boy’s bedroom door. Boys are usually messy and all rough and tough so this will go great in decorating their room.

Door Decal Under Construction
Door decal features the famous :Under Construction” message that will add a decorative and cool look to your doors.

These were a few of many designs in the collection of door decals. Door decals  are at the center of the top home trends in 2014. Stay with us For a more in-depth look at how this year’s home trends decor are going to be.


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