Bring Your Kitchen decor to Life with Unique Wall Decals

The kitchen often acts as the soul of your home; it’s the place where you feed your family  and it’s where most people gravitate towards at parties and where people spend so much time, it’s important to create an inviting or interesting kitchen decor theme, which can become a talking point at dinner parties or family get-togethers. Kitchen wall decals are a simple, affordable way to bring color and a unique twist to your kitchen interior design.

Wall decals are made from super thin  self-adhesive vinyl film, they make a good solution for kitchens because they’re easy to clean, their application is easy and fast and they are easy to remove. Wall decals come in a range of designs, so whether you want a trendy look, or something fun, there is something to suit your personal tastes.

Vintage Style

Vintage Lampshade Wall Decal – These retro style lampshade decals come in a pack of two, so you can arrange them in your kitchen however you wish to create a cool vintage look. The wire length is adjustable, meaning you can either create a matching set, or have them at two different lengths for a truly personalized design.

Wall Decal Vintage lampshade
Wall Decal Vintage lampshade

‘Make Tea’ Quote Wall DecalFor an elegant vintage look, this decal is perfect. It features a traditional tea pot silhouette and the quote ‘Make tea, not war’. It is a striking decal, yet beautifully old-fashioned.

Wall Decal Make Tea
Wall Decal Make Tea

Retro Dumbbells Wall Decal – Choose between orange and white, brown and orange, or brown and light pink. This retro dumbbell pattern will add a colorful and kooky 60’s style vibe to your kitchen – just right for those swinging shindigs!

wall decal retro dumbbells
Wall decal retro dumbbells

Trend Setter

Ventilator Wall DecalIf you like to look cool, this unique ventilator decal is a great choice. It will easily add a trendy touch to a minimalist kitchen, and features simple yet eye-catching typography.

wall Decal celling Fan Ventilator
Wall Decal retro celling Fan Ventilator

Line Circles Wall Decal – This clean design can be used in such a versatile way around your kitchen. Placed on the wall, or on a cupboard surface, these line circles create a stylish, on-trend look. They are available in two color themes: black, brown and beige, or green, dark grey and grey. Both options carry a fresh and original vibe.

Line Circles Wall Decal
Line Circles Wall Decal

Bright & Breezy

Butterflies Wall Decal Is that the flutter of tiny wings? These beautiful butterfly decals can create a spacious feel to your kitchen, filling it with a sense of wonder. They are available in five stylish colors, and come in a set of three separate pieces, meaning you can be creative in their placement around the room.

Wall Decal Butterflies - Great for Bedrooms!
Wall Decal Butterflies – Great for Bedrooms!

Flying Birds Wall Decal – This minimalist decal of flying birds can give a small kitchen a sense of the big wide open.  They come in six different color choices, each offering a subtle, breezy addition to your kitchen décor.

Flying Birds Wall Decal Black
Flying Birds Wall Decal Black


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