Say Goodbye to your Boring Walls!

CoolWallArt brings cool & simple wall art solutions for your home & office decor

CoolWallArt was born in 2010 to provide quality and affordable wall art solutions for the interior design lovers and for those who simply love to decorate. Any way you call them; wall stickers, wall decals, wall graphics, wall tattoos, vinyl wall stickers are the hottest trend in home and office decor.

We feature the latest designs of modern wall decals along with other unique wall decor accessories from leading designer brands. We specialize in high-grade vinyl wall decals that allow you to transform any area in your home and office  into a decorative space, in minutes and without the fuss of painting or hammering a nail.

Our large selection of wall decals and wall accessories like wall pictures and hangers allow you will find designs that suit any room and any interior design concept.

What are wall decals anyway

Wall decal also known as a wall sticker, wall tattoo, or wall vinyls are high quality vinyl film stickers, designed and cut to stick to walls or other smooth and flat surfaces. The variety of available themes, attractive price, easy application and versatility, with the fact they are suitable for everyone regardless of age, artistic or technical skills, makes wall decals the perfect solution for DIY home decorating.

How can I use them?

Wall decals come in wide variety of designs & themes, colors, styles, themes and sizes – The options are endless, jest pick your style and upgrade your interior design in minutes. Wall Decals are Versatile enough to be used in any room and not limited to application just on walls, use them to decorate furniture, kitchen cabinets, mirrors, windows, shower stalls, toy box, laptop or any item with smooth surface that you would like to personalize and upgrade. applying walld decals is easy and fun to do on your own or with family and friends, no artistic or technical skills needed, just create your layout and apply them on your walls.

No pain… no stain!

Low-tack adhesive means wall decals are as easy to remove as they are to apply, there is no need for re-painting. You can gently peel the decal off without worry to damage or residue left on the surface. Removable vinyl wtickers allow you to re-do your space as often as you wish so that your house or office interior design is always up-to-date with the latest trends. Wall decals provide instant results, within minutes you can transform the look of any space and achieve immediate designer impact with little fuss or mess.


Wall decals are  affordable and much less expensive than the traditional wall papering or painting. An entire home can undergo a complete transformation while keeping within your budget. Cost Effective Wall decals are very affordable they are less expensive than traditional wall papering or painting. An entire room can undergo a complete transformation while keeping within your budget.


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