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Chalkboard Wall Decal Weekly Calendar 1

Chalkboard Weekly Calendar Decal

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Product Description

The chalkboard weekly calendar decal is a perfect addition to your office decoration! This weekly calendar contains 7 chalkboard stickers with the names of the week and the text “Things To Remember”,  together they create a beautiful and useful Weekly To DO List. You may apply the stickers in one long line, or alternatively place in a number of short lines, depending on your space. Theses wall stickers are particularly suitable for use in a study, office, or anywhere where you need organization. All that remains for you to do is apply the stickers and start organizing your week! The weekly chalkboard calendar by Studio Luka is also a great gift for a housewarming, new business, dorm room or a children’s play room, everybody could use some more organization in their lives, no?

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Overall Dimensions

16cm x12cm / 6.3 x 4.7 in each

What's in the box

instructions, plastic squeezer


Adhesive Vinyl Film, Chalkboard

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